Friday, September 7, 2018

Tarot Box

The Tarot is a system of divination that has been around for hundreds of years. It is a wonderful tool and can provide guidance from your higher-self and guides. Reading the cards are a great way to tap directly into your intuition.
  • Art Card Featuring Tarot Cards from the Etteilla Deck, circa 1789  

  • Tarot Deck Box: This box was custom made to hold your deck, along with your favorite crystals or other sacred things.

  • Flower of Life Etched Palo Santo Stick: Palo Santo means “Holy Wood”, it is a tree that grows in Central America, and is known for its distinct fragrance. Light the end of the stick and after a coal forms blow out the flame. Use the smoke to cleanse your deck between readings. Visit-Zen and Meow

Engraved Palo Santo
  • Tarot Spread Cloth: Use this gorgeous scarf as a sacred cloth to lay out your tarot spreads, it can also be used to wrap your deck, or as an altar cloth.

  •  Tarot Journal and Stickers: Keep track of your favorite spreads, and the meanings of your cards. The blank pages are perfect for spread diagrams! Customize your journal with the Major Arcana tarot stickers by Pardon My French Studio.

  •  Ethereal Visions Tarot Deck: This beautiful, gold-foil stamped deck by Matt Hughes is designed with the traditional Rider-Waite symbology. For. more about working with the tarot, scroll down

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                   WORKING WITH THE TAROT

v  It is important to charge your deck with your energy, this creates a resonance, an alignment to your personal energy signature. There are several ways to do this.

·          First and foremost, cleanse your deck. This can be done by passing it through/over sage or Palo Santo smoke, it can also by setting it in the sunlight or moonlight, and can also be done by setting an intention.
·          Look at each card one by one, in order, while reading the short descriptions.
·          Set the deck on a selenite plate (which will also cleanse the deck) or set one or more of your favorite crystals on top of the deck while it’s not in use.
·          Sleep with it under your pillow, it is a bit bulky and doesn’t need to be directly under your head, just near.

v  The great thing about the tarot, is that it is personal to you. The meanings in the booklet are the traditional meanings, but your intuition is boss! As you use the cards, pay close attention to your first instinct, thoughts and reactions. The same card can mean one thing in a reading and have a different meaning in another reading depending on how it related to the other cards in the spread.

v  REVERSED CARDS: There are many schools of thought when it comes to reading reversed cards. The deck already has an equal amount of positive negative and neutral cards, so some believe it is unnecessary to apply reversed meanings. One way to read reversals is to apply them to your inner life…for example, the Devil card is often interpreted as being in bondage to some sort of addiction/habit, but reversed it could mean habitual thoughts.

Reversals can also simply be read as blocked energy in regard to what the traditional or intuited interpretation is. For example, the World card often depicts success, when reversed it could mean that success is coming but is slowed or blocked from manifesting at this time.
I personally do not read reversed meaning, unless guided too. I feel like my intuition helps me understand if I should return it to the upright position or consider it a reflection of the inner world, or blocked energy. I will use a pendulum for further clarification if needed.

I would suggest turning the cards upright while reading initially and as you begin to feel more connected with your cards you can determine how you’d like to handle reversals.  There is no absolute rule with this, and should feel comfortable for you.
Do you really, really want to learn the tarot? I recommend a book called Tarot 101, it is a course with writing exercises and homework, and it is how I learned and memorized the meanings of the cards, while also learning how to listen to signals from my intuition.

v  JOURNALING: Keeping a tarot journal is a fun way to record meaningful readings, and your favorite spreads. It is interesting to go back and re-read previous readings and see how meanings become clearer with time. Also, as you develop your own expanded interpretations for certain cards, a journal is a great place to keep this important info.
v SPREADS: There are endless spreads on the internet, one of my favorite sites is 'The Emerald Lotus'. You can also search 'tarot spread' on google images and Pinterest. ALSO...create your own spreads! 
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