Monday, June 4, 2018

Intuition Box

We are the Divine manifest in form, resulting in a natural, deep connection to the Universe. The Divine/Source/Creation is always ready to guide us to our highest potential, but our society has trained us to discount this innate power. This box includes several tools to assist with the awakening of your intuition.

**Scroll to the bottom for suggestions for creating a ritual to deepen your connection 
with your intuition.**

  • Queen Eye Art Card, by Noel del Mar
  • Awaken Intuition Ritual Bath, by Cattail Apothecary: This bath was custom blended specifically for this box! Ritual baths are an ancient tradition where one can purify and anoint oneself using intention and the healing/ spiritual properties of the ingredients in the bath. Visit

  • Inner Work, Intuition Tea, by WEvolve Box: Ingredients: Organic spearmint leaf, organic lemongrass, organic elder berry, organic red rose buds and petals, organic linden flower and leaf, organic chamomile flower, organic raspberry leaf, mugwort and organic orange peel. Please do not drink this tea while or immediately before driving. This is a wonderful tea to drink before bed, or before reading the tarot, meditation, or otherwise connecting with your intuition.

  • Agnya- Third Eye Essential Oil Roller, by the Hippie Homesteader: Gem infused essential oil roller. Use throughout the day to connect with the third eye. Can also be used to anoint the third eye during meditation. For more, visit
  • Opalite Pendulum: Use to connect with your intuition and guides, excellent for help to make decisions and for tarot card interpretation.
  • Labradorite Stone and Quartz Point: Labradorite protects the aura, raises consciousness and grounds spiritual energies. Keep near to strengthen intuition and promote psychic abilities. Quartz helps to expand consciousness, stimulates the chakras, assists in communication with guides, past-life recall, and is an amplifier for other crystals and stones.

  • Intuitive Being, by Jill Willard: Excellent book on how to create and/or deepen your connection and trust with your innate knowing.

RITUAL: Use the items in your box to create your own personal rituals, incorporating your traditions and sacred objects such as sage smudging, calling in the directions etc. The following is a suggestion only...

Set aside some time for yourself, where you will not be interrupted. Create some sacred space for meditation, maybe a pillow on the floor, surrounded by candles and your favorite stones or other sacred objects. Clear the space with intention and sage, Palo Santo or other incense if you have. You have now set your space for meditation

You can make your tea to drink during your ritual bath or after your bath and before your mediation. **This tea has ingredients that can feel a little altering. Steep for a 3 minutes and remove the tea strainer from the cup, you can leave it longer if you'd like it stronger.

Run yourself a bath, pouring in the ritual bath blend. Soak in the bath, offering gratitude to the waters, and to the herbs, asking them to help open you to your intuition. Soak for as long as you fill guided to. *(If you don't have a bathtub, you can pour the blend into a washcloth and rub all over your body.)

Return to your sacred space and drink your tea, if you have not already, then bring yourself into a meditative state. You can hold your stones in each hand if you like. You can ask your higher-self,  guides or ancestors to bring you messages. Pay attention to the thoughts and pictures, even colors or sounds that you notice during your meditation.

Journaling can be a good practice when working with your intuition, write down everything you experience during your meditation, as its significance may not become clear till later on.

Use your pendulum to connect with your intuition. The more you use it the more responsive it will be. A pendulum can be cleansed and charged along with your crystals with sage, or other smoke medicine (incense or Palo Santo) or with your intention to clear them. You can ask your intuition or guides yes or no answers using your pendulum.  I found a great video that shows how to get started using a pendulum and how to differentiate between yes and no answers.