Friday, October 6, 2017

Moon Ritual Box

Since ancient times, humans have known that they were linked to the cycles and phases of the moon. These influences range from subtle emotional emanations to more obvious physical effects, such as the syncing of the female menstrual cycle. Many spiritual cultures practice rituals during the different phases of the moon. The WEvolve Box Moon Ritual Box provides the tools to create your own rituals.

-How to Become a River, mini art print: by Giada Rose of Rose Witchery

-Cast Iron Cauldron and Charcoal: in the practice of Wicca or Earth magic, cauldrons symbolize the womb, and when working with the elements can symbolize the Earth or metal. In modern spiritual cultures, they are used for used to burn loose incense on a charcoal for mixing herbs, or to burn petitions.

-Black & White Ritual Candles/Star Holder: Small candles used in ritual and spell work with candle holder.

-WEvolve Box Moon Ritual Oil: Created specifically for your moon rituals to dress your candles and/or anoint yourself: sweet almond oil (base), sandalwood essential oil (divination, protection), jasmine essential oil (purpose, compassion), rose essential oil (love, balance) lemon essential oil (spiritual cleanser, focus).

-Selenite Stick: Named for the Moon Goddess Selene, Selenite is a protective stone that can also activate your telepathic abilities. It is also a great aura cleanser. This stone is great for working to open the heart, third eye and crown chakras, Because of its layered striations, it should never be placed in water.

-Moon and Star Chime: The ringing of a bell or chime is said to clear the energy of a space and to keep negative spirits away.

-WEvolve Box Moon Ritual Herbal Resin Blend:  Each of the herbs and resins in this blend have specific properties to assist with moon ritual work:
white copal (connecting to astral planes, purification, protection), frankincense (courage, success, joy), myrrh (banishing what no longer serves), cedar (create sacred space), chamomile (calming, attracting prosperity), rose (self-love, draw love), sage (clearing, purification).

Your moon rituals can be done within a couple of days on either side of the actual peak of the moon phase, it is your intention that matters, the moon helps to activate and amplify your focus.