Friday, February 3, 2017

Inner Journey Box

During this magical month of February, WEvolve Box would like to invite you to explore your inner world. Carve out a moment for yourself, remove your attention from the demands of life and experience what the senses, and your guides, have to offer.

-Carina Nebula Art Card: We are a microcosm of the macrocosm. This incredible image of space resides within our infinite nature.

-Ceramic Buddha Oil Warmer: This beautiful Buddha is a lovely addition to your sacred space and doubles as an oil warmer. Fill the reservoir with water and drop a few drops of essential or fragrance oil into the water. Place a tea candle in the space under the reservoir. ***Be sure to remove the candle once the water has evaporated, or the ceramic will crack.

- Serenity Oil and Tea Candle: Add this mix of essential oils in your oil warmer. Lavender, Rosemary, Ylang Ylang, Orange, Lemon and Lime for a deep serene state of mind.

-Ritual Tea Kit: Create a mindful moment with WEvolve Box Ritual Tea kit. Includes a rose quartz stone to infuse your tea with healing gem essences. Full Moon Tea by Sage and Sweetgrass.

-The Enchanted Map Oracle Cards: Oracle cards are amazing tools to create a direct connection with your intuition and your guides. Pull a single card for a bit of daily guidance, or go deeper with one of the readings from the included chart.

-Silk Spread Cloth: Traditionally, tarot and oracle cards are kept in a velvet bag or a silk scarf. This protects your cards and doubles a spread cloth, providing you with a sacred space to do your reading, wherever you are.

--Guided Meditation: Abiola Abrams is an Essence advice columnist, transformational coach and author of TheSacred Bombshell of Self-Love. Visit her website to learn more about this amazing woman!

Ritual Idea: this box is meant to inspire you to create a personal ritual for yourself. Unwind, light up your oil warmer and take a bath, or meditate for a bit. Maybe do some yoga or turn up the music and dance! Really take a moment to love up on yourself! The tea ritual is an opportunity to charge the rose quartz with some loving energies (for you, from you), and then drink this loving energy in the form of a healing tea and gem essence elixir. Give yourself a reading, ask your spirit what it wants you to know right now. Find ways to take care of yourself as often as you can. The whole world benefits from your self love, I promise.