Tuesday, December 8, 2015


I recently read this post in an online meditation forum that I am a part of. I found it very moving and have added it to my meditation practice, with the intention of integrating it into my everyday experience.

It seems common to hear the phrase 'freedom from this or that'; freedom from fear, freedom from anxiety, suffering etc. but recently I seem to have come a long way in my practice by giving freedom 'to' things instead of being free 'from' things. 

I feel my suffering in whatever form and say to it something like 'I give you complete freedom, I'm sorry for all the times I hid you away, from now on you can be as you are, I won't be ashamed of you anymore and promise to honor you and care for you. Please, you're welcome to come and go however you please' 

Now it seems it really doesn't matter anymore whether there is anxiety, stress or whatever and when I find old habits creeping back in, I remind myself to keep giving freedom. Perhaps this is the task on this path, whatever there is give it freedom...

-Howard Johnson