Friday, March 31, 2017

Cosmic Crystal Box

Cosmic Crystal Box

Crystals have a very high and precise rate of vibration and are utilized extensively in technology, but long before their modern usage, ancient civilizations such as the Egyptians, Greeks, Chinese and Indians used them as conduits of energy, for healing and in spiritual rituals. WEvolve Box invites you to explore the beauty and potential of stones and crystals.

- Chrysocolla Art Card: copper stone, light green to deep blue.

-The Essential Guide to Crystals (Sue and Simon Lilly): This book is a great starter book to learn about over 100 crystals and stones. The crystals in this book are arranged by color rather than name.

-Crystal Collection and Display Box: please find the descriptions and healing properties in the Essential Guide to Crystals book

*       Pyrite- metallic, golden
*       Aragonite- dark reddish orange (center of the box)
*       Smokey Quartz- light to dark brown, tumbled
*       Peacock Ore- metallic blue, purple and green
*       Amethyst- extra small points
*       Quartz- single terminated
*       Quartz- small single and double terminated slivers and shards
*       Amazonite- blue/green tumbled
*       Citrine- small point

-Palo Santo & Ritual Candle: Cleanse the energy of your stones with Palo Santo or Sage smoke. Use your ritual candle to set an intention in conjunction with your grid, let it burn all the way down.

Sri Yantra Wood Crystal Grid: This beautiful laser etched grid has the sacred symbol of the Sri Yantra. This ancient symbol from India literally translates as the ‘Instrument of Power’.  It has been used for thousands of years in meditation and contemplation. There is much to know about the Sri Yantra, visit facts-about-sri-yantra or to learn more about the sacred geometry and symbology.

To see more amazing grids from Smart Ash Holders, visit their website

How to use a crystal grid
"A crystal grid is a predefined set of multiple crystals arranged in a harmonic sacred geometric relationship.  This combination and arrangement of crystals works synergistic to converts and focuses the external energy which impinges upon it in a variety of forms (e.g. sound, light, electromagnetism) into a unified energy field tuned to a particular need or requirement.  The unified energy field that is created allows for vibrational interactions of crystal energies with the aura, spirit, and mind of the human body consistent with the prescribed healing and wellness design." -CrystalVaults

The crystal grid is used to arrange crystals and stones to amplify their energetic properties. There is usually a center stone that holds the properties and intention. When setting up your grid be creative and use your intuition and personal aesthetic to add the rest of your crystals & stones. There are many different ideas on how to charge your grid and the following links will provide some ideas. The process of creating the grid may be all you feel you need.

There is some great info here, at one of my favorite crystal resources- Crystal Vaults 

Here are a couple of additional liks with good info-

A collection of crystal grid inspiration! Click on photos to visit links....


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Friday, February 3, 2017

Inner Journey Box

During this magical month of February, WEvolve Box would like to invite you to explore your inner world. Carve out a moment for yourself, remove your attention from the demands of life and experience what the senses, and your guides, have to offer.

-Carina Nebula Art Card: We are a microcosm of the macrocosm. This incredible image of space resides within our infinite nature.

-Ceramic Buddha Oil Warmer: This beautiful Buddha is a lovely addition to your sacred space and doubles as an oil warmer. Fill the reservoir with water and drop a few drops of essential or fragrance oil into the water. Place a tea candle in the space under the reservoir. ***Be sure to remove the candle once the water has evaporated, or the ceramic will crack.

- Serenity Oil and Tea Candle: Add this mix of essential oils in your oil warmer. Lavender, Rosemary, Ylang Ylang, Orange, Lemon and Lime for a deep serene state of mind.

-Ritual Tea Kit: Create a mindful moment with WEvolve Box Ritual Tea kit. Includes a rose quartz stone to infuse your tea with healing gem essences. Full Moon Tea by Sage and Sweetgrass.

-The Enchanted Map Oracle Cards: Oracle cards are amazing tools to create a direct connection with your intuition and your guides. Pull a single card for a bit of daily guidance, or go deeper with one of the readings from the included chart.

-Silk Spread Cloth: Traditionally, tarot and oracle cards are kept in a velvet bag or a silk scarf. This protects your cards and doubles a spread cloth, providing you with a sacred space to do your reading, wherever you are.

--Guided Meditation: Abiola Abrams is an Essence advice columnist, transformational coach and author of TheSacred Bombshell of Self-Love. Visit her website to learn more about this amazing woman!

Ritual Idea: this box is meant to inspire you to create a personal ritual for yourself. Unwind, light up your oil warmer and take a bath, or meditate for a bit. Maybe do some yoga or turn up the music and dance! Really take a moment to love up on yourself! The tea ritual is an opportunity to charge the rose quartz with some loving energies (for you, from you), and then drink this loving energy in the form of a healing tea and gem essence elixir. Give yourself a reading, ask your spirit what it wants you to know right now. Find ways to take care of yourself as often as you can. The whole world benefits from your self love, I promise.

Monday, November 7, 2016

Chakra Box

Chakra is a Sanskrit word that means wheel or disk. The chakras are wheels of energy corresponding to massive nerve centers in the body. Each of the seven main chakras contains bundles of nerves and major organs as well as our psychological, emotional, and spiritual states of being. When any of these chakras are out of balance, it impacts the related system as well as the whole. The December Chakra Box is a collection of sacred objects to use in your sacred space and rituals to align and balance these cosmic energy centers.

Monday, October 3, 2016

Divine Feminine Box

The Divine or Sacred Feminine archetype is represented in many ways, from the compassionate Goddess to the dispassionate destroyer. The energy of the Feminine is returning to balance after over 2000 years of oppression, bringing much needed healing energy to our planet. 
The items in this box represent a few manifestations of the Feminine.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Elements of Tibet Box

Tibetan Buddhism is known for its many techniques of spiritual development and for its great acceleration of the spiritual journey. Tibetan Buddhism spread to the West in the second half of the 20th century as many Tibetan leaders were exiled from their homeland by China.Tibetan religious communities in the West consist both of refugees from Tibet and westerners drawn to the Tibetan religious tradition. The Elements of Tibet Box celebrates the rich traditions of this deeply spiritual culture. To learn more about Tibetan Buddhism check out this informative online booklet.

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Altar Essentials Box

Creating a sacred space is a lovely mindful practice. The act of preparing a space filled with meaningful and ritual items is calming and grounding. This month’s box contains several functional and beautiful items to grace your sacred space.